Sweet Pea's ice cream is delicious by itself...but even better in sundaes, banana splits, black cows, brown cows, sodas...and milkshakes and malteds in flavors you have to taste to believe.

The specialty of the house at Sweet Pea's is the hand-dipped chocolate-covered frozen bananas.  I'm not kidding you:  people drive 30 miles to get them.  (My personal favorite is the dark chocolate peanut butter banana - Super Yum!)

Besides the scrumptiousness of the treats, the reason Sweet Pea's Ice Cream has such a huge following is the fun atmosphere.  My daddy missed the old-fashioned ice cream parlors from when he was little (or maybe from when my grandpa was little), so that's what he created at Sweet Pea's.  You can watch classic movies and TV shows, or maybe catch a little big band music or rock and roll.  The grownups love seeing their old favorites, and kids like me can learn all about Gene Kelly and Dick Van Dyke while we put on a big ice cream face.

People come here for parties, or else they have my daddy bring Sweet Pea's to them.  He can cater all kinds of events - see the catering page for more information.

Ice cream melts, so we don't mail it.  I know, it would be great to be able to send some Sweet Pea's across the country, or even around the world (imagine, Sweet Pea's on Earth!) - but for now, you'll just have to come in yourself.  Here's where to find us:

Sweet Pea's Ice Cream
764 Sheridan Road
Highwood, Illinois
(847) 266-1116

P.S.  All of our ice cream flavors and toppings are certified kosher.

We want everyone to leave happy!

Welcome to Sweet Pea's online!

Sweet Pea's Ice Cream in Highwood, Illinois is where my daddy makes the best treats you ever tasted.  In cyberspace, no one can hear you say "Yum!"  But at the ice cream parlor, people say "Yum!" all the time.

Daddy serves super-premium ice cream in dozens of luscious flavors (he also has a couple of soy, sugar-free and dairy-free options for you poor things who can't have the real stuff).  Our ice cream comes fromThe Chocolate Shoppe, a family-owned dairy in Madison, Wisconsin where they understand seriously decadent ice cream (we're talking 14% butterfat and very low overrun).  You can get chocolate and vanilla, sure - but how about Mint Avalanche or Door County Cherry or Fat Elvis or Zanzibar Chocolate?  We're not fooling around here.